Working a festival in the rain

It has rained everyday so far here in Madill, OK. We’re going home for a few hours today. The festival doesn’t start until 5 pm. But the forecast is for rain at that time. We may skip today.

Outdoor festivals may not be a good venue for selling books. If this one is any indication so far. I’ve shared a lot about our haunted house, Hill House Manor. People seem open to it and ready to get groups together to come investigate. So we haven’t wasted our time or money.

We had to run to Walmart and buy plastic boxes for the book storage. The cardboard boxes were getting wet around the edges. Which, of course, caused a panic attack. So now we have air tight boxes for traveling. We also had to find some lighting because we’ve been staying past dark. We have access to electricity, so we bought some patio lighting, which is nice, but we stopped last night and picked up a drop light which will light up our little 10 x 10 booth pretty well.

The books and merchandise has survived so far. We have tarps to cover the table and then we drop the pop up down to half height.. We had weights on each leg, but it turned out that wasn’t enough so, we added gallon jugs of water to each leg to keep the tent from blowing away during the night storms. So many logistics we hadn’t taken into account.

Pye’Wackett, our cat, is camping out with us. She doesn’t really care where she is as long as we’re there, too. She’s investigating an empty bag of powdered donuts right now. She walked away. Not her cup of tea.

I’m excited to go home today for a couple of hours. I have some deliveries from Amazon that I’m really looking for ward to receiving. We’re only an hour away from home and we have a car as well as a camper, so it’s convenient. We’re going to leave the cat here.

I’m keeping this short today. I’m supposed to be participating in a blog book tour, which I don’t know exactly how that works, but I think I’ll be posting links to Books of other authors. and they’ll be posting mine. Speaking of books,,, THE SPIDER HOUSE is released on Kindle and in Print. The print books are very nice. The have a good “feel” to them, but the Kindle books are less expensive. Get your hands on one of them ’cause I need some Amazon reviews ASAP! For an author, an Amazon comment is like a big hug!

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