Spontaneous Justice: Good book, great ending.

Spontaneous Justice (The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone, #15) by Michael Anderle
My rating: ? ? ? ? ? out of 5 stars

coverThere is nothing to fear but the Vax Forerunner himself.

Or is that something only aliens fear?

Brownstone is at to a fever pitch to understand Shay and create something epic, so he makes a decision to ask someone hundreds of years old.

The fight of his life and for his life is about to occur. Will he have a future when all is said and done?

James’ people are being attacked even though they are just trying to help someone delusional.

At some point, the only option remaining on the table is action.

As an anomaly, a Vax Forerunner with ethics is a researcher’s dream. The problem is that no one is willing to allow James to become a science experiment, especially not James.

Brownstone is ok with the truth of his origins. Will others allow him to just be?

Despite 15 installments I have to say that so far this book series, The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone, is still going strong.

This book continues the story arc about the Vax Forerunner, the stubborn alien(s) not believing that Brownstone actually could be a good guy, the mysteries of the medallion and of course Brownstone’s past. Brownstone and Shay’s relation and future marriage gets a page or two as well. No surprise there.

As usual the book is pretty packed with bad-guy ass kicking, bad-ass dialogue and all that stuff that we have come to expect from a Brownstone novel. I think I have really said what I can say about that in previous reviews. It’s good stuff…period.

What I really liked with this book though was the ending. Not only does the dumb-ass aliens get sent packing with the tails between their legs but the ones sending them on their embarrassing journey back to wherever they came from is not only Brownstone but also something as rare (unrealistic?) as an honest as well as not-taking-any-shit senator who is doing a good part of the sending. It was just so much fun to read that part. That ending alone was worth a extra star.

Oh, Brownstone also finally finds his epic moment with Shay to do … well, you know what if you’ve read the rest of the books.

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