The girls were up bright and early. I was still snoring in bed, so they were attended to by my new helper – CFO. ??

For breakfast, we ate the doughnuts that were bought from Coles, and we were out of the house. We were heading towards Augusta.

I had wanted to go on the whale-watching tour, but CFO objected, citing reasons like rough waters and sea sickness, so I had to drop that plan. (The mischievous side of me had wanted to drain his wallet with a helicopter tour for the whole family instead! ??)

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse – Leeuwin Road, Leeuwin, Augusta, WA | Adult: $20.00 | Child (4-16yrs): $14.00 | Family (2 adults + 2 Children): $58.00 | Additional Children: $10.00 | Seniors: $18.00 | Opens 8:45am – 5pm

I found out about the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse through one of the Lonely Planet guide books. The girls were not interested in caves or anything deemed too strenuous or adventurous, so the History buff in me took over and I hope to interest them with a little bit of Geography well.

The drive from our Airbnb to Augusta took about 45 minutes. I became the designated driver because there were plans to visit the Leeuwin Estate (especially for CFO to sample his wines). Along the way, we were fascinated with the views of the Margaret River, then it merged with the sea!

The excitement built up as we drew closer and closer to the lighthouse, when layers of trees faded behind us and opened to clear blue skies seemed to stretch endlessly before us.

We bought our tickets and took our time to roam around the grounds, while waiting for our tours to begin. The climb up the interior was unsuitable for us to bring Beanie along, so we split ourselves into two groups. Candy and I were in the first group, and CFO, Princess Pink and Lollipop were in the second group.

We made use of the time prior to the tour to take photos and looked around, taking in the amazing views of the brilliant sun, the rolling hills and the white crests of the waves in the sea. *Tip: You can book the timing of the tour on-site, but you can also do so online.*

Soon, it was time for the lighthouse tour (30 minutes tour) to start. The guide, Peps, introduced herself to us and also shared the History of the lighthouse to us.

Fun Facts of Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Built: 1895

Duration of construction: 9 months

Height: 39 metres

Number of steps: 176 steps

Thickness of walls: 2 metres at base tapers to 1 metre at the top

Candy and I took photos separately and then came together for a wefie. The time at the top of the lighthouse felt really short. The weather was really lovely – wind in the hair, gentle heat of the sun and really nice breeze. But I am quite certain that it would be a harsher condition for the keepers, who had to work six hours straight each shift for three weeks before getting their one day of rest.

I was nursing Beanie when CFO, Princess Pink and Lollipop were touring the lighthouse. I called them to look downwards when they were at the very top. They did and I snapped a picture of them waving!

Then it was time for lunch, so we made our way to…

Blue Ocean Fish & Chips – 73 Blackwood Ave, Augusta, WA | Opens 11:30am – 2pm and 5pm – 8pm daily

We heard from Pebs (the lighthouse guide) that it was ranked second best in WA, so we knew we were en-route to the one of the finest!

It was a short drive from the lighthouse, so we were able to pacify our brood of monkeys fairly quickly. They have limited seating, so we just snagged whatever seats we could outdoors. The menu boards on the walls can get really confusing (to me), so I just asked what is good for a family of six.

I was given a recommendation of local shark, but I declined because I was not that adventurous (besides, shark count is dwindling). But I went along with the recommendation of the family deal and decided to get fish bites as well.

The wait was not as long as expected, though there were nine other orders before us. I must say that quality of the food was not compromised, even when there was a queue of people waiting.

When the food came, we were just given three food packets. No crockery and cutlery were given. If you need cutlery, then you have to request from the cashier. Oh, do try the chilli sauce with the fish! It is really yummy!

Lunch was over and we headed straight for our next destination.

Sunflowers Animal Farm – 5561 Caves Road | $13.50 per person | Animal feed bucket: $3 each | Opens 9am – 5pm daily

When we arrived at 3:30pm, one of the working dogs came by to greet us, and the girls were enthralled by it.

We got our tickets and entered the farm. Our eyes first set on the chicks’ incubator and Pommy, the Long-Bill Parrot. There were also some guinea pigs too. The keeper told us that we could start feeding the animals, but could return at 4pm to help feed the babies. So we walked out of the shed and at the door were two lambs. At first I did not notice anything strange but as my eyes took another glance, I noticed something…

The white lamb was wearing a woollen knitted jacket!

We moved on to other holding pens and found a goat that seemed to have a kink in its neck, as it was twisting its neck in all directions and its head was flopping about – which really caught the girls’ attention and giggles erupted!

We walked on further into the farm and fed llamas, horses, bulls, sheep and yes, wallabies!

Then we turned back into the shed and the staff was just about ready to feed the lambs. So the girls were given one bottle and other visitors had the other bottle. CFO and I reminded the girls to let others have a go. When the lambs were done with their feed, the staff led us over to anther side of the shed to feed the calves their milk.

Once the feeding was over, we returned to the other side of the farm and tried to finish feeding the animals with whatever remained in the feed bucket.

This time we took a different route and saw more goats, more chicken, an emu, pigs and the alpacas. My girls were very entertained by the alpaca, as it put its head into the food bucket trying to reach as much food at the base as possible.

The farm closed promptly at 5pm, so we also had to return to our accommodation. We headed straight for Woolworths (one of the supermarket chains in Margaret River region) for grocery-shopping. We were going to have BBQ night!

Once we had gotten all that we needed, CFO commenced with the preparation for cooking. We had rump steak, corn, sausages, teriyaki chicken and ice cream.

And that concluded our second day in Western Australia!

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