Hello blog! It’s June and I’ve finally remembered that I was going to do a blog about my birthday holiday in February, but better late then never right?! Honestly the reason I think I’ve spent so long putting this blog off is because words will not do this holiday justice but I will try my best.


The view.

I’ve briefly spoken about the place we stayed in my blog and I can now reveal it was a place called Windsworth, this place is such a gem I want to share it but keep it to myself at the same time!

Windsworth boasts amazing views, a wood fire heated hot tub, endless wildlife a super lovely host and so much more! Though I will say this holiday is not for the faint hearted, lazy or tech loving folk. You’ll need to chop wood, cook for yourself and light your own fires (which heat the water along with solar panels and the hot tub has it’s own separate fire.) But if you are after a holiday to get away from the world and back to nature this is for you.

I cannot put into words how much I needed an escape from the world like this, I made Jordan sleep every night with the curtains open so we could wake up with the birds. Windsworth even provides binoculars which we took with us on walks (as it links up to the coastal path) On our first night we sat in the hot tub with a glass of wine, reading a book about the stars, watching them as we listened to the Tawny owls calling in the distance. Now I’ll try not to ramble too much about the house because you should go experience it for yourself. I read so many animal books and played so many board games and the meals we made in the fire oven will stay with me forever.


We spent the majority of our time at home at night and exploring by day,  Windsworth has it’s own path linking to the coastal path so we jumped straight on that and walked to the small town of Looe. Looe is a lovely little town full of farm shops, restaurants, a fish market and of course Looe Island. The island itself is a nature reserve but during summer there are boat trips to the Island available, but even from a far you can see the amount of wildlife surrounding it. The house also boasts it’s own private beach which you’ll find sign posted on the way to the coastal path  and it’s accessible by a rope climb.(how cool is that!)


The beach

We are lucky enough to own Kayaks so we took those with us and kayaked a few rivers and my favourite: Looe Estuary, (I Saw a kingfisher!!) Sadly we don’t take cameras with us when we Kayak so you’ll just have to read about what we saw. Oystercatchers, a curlew, several buzzards above us, so many herons, egrets, shelducks and more! The majority of birds were unphased by us as we drifted by that we managed to get a really good look and spend hours watching them. I believe you can also kayak around Looe island too as long as you don’t bank there. There are kayak & paddleboard rentals everywhere you go along the coast so i’d highly recommend doing it!

We also adventured in the other direction of the coastal path, please be careful if you do this because parts of this side of the coastal path are now closed and changed to the road route, which we didn’t realize until afterwards. Now we walked all the way to Portwrinkle! 100% not for the faint hearted or new walkers (the hills!) There is also nothing here but views, a golf course, creepy hotel and expensive seaside cafe. Take a picnic unlike us. The views were worth every step though, once again I took the binoculars.  Though the town Seaton which is on the way has several restaurants and local shop, so i’d suggest stopping there. (also lots of people swimming in February in the rain here!) So maybe even go for a dip ha!


I would show you some nice photos of the view and us on the rocks but Jordan took these instead…

Any zoos or wildlife parks around? An question I always like to know the answer too, now right next door is the Monkey Sanctuary  now this small park is closed in winter so we didn’t get to visit, but I did read some books about the history of the park at the house, which i suggest reading.  There’s so much wildlife around you here for free, don’t forget to look around!

Now I’ve rambled enough (but not as much as usual!) I don’t want to spoil this holiday with my rambles for someone else, so what are you waiting for go have a look and experience it all for yourself!?


Goodbye sunset~

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