The foundation of family – Psalm 127

The foundation of our prosperity relays on the figure of God. And on this Psalm, God shows us that our prosperity and joy, our peace comes in one of its forms, from one of the most beautiful designs made by God: Family. If God is not the one who leads us, if God is not our rock foundation, it does not matter how good we think life is going, the truth is tat over weak foundation it will come the time when all will fall down and with it will come moment of darkness, sadness, confusion, of anger, pain.
How not to consider God’s wise advice, if it is Himself the one who created and design the plan for family as a place where human beings rest, grow and nourish their souls. Haven’t you felt that? One of the best places of refuge God has given us on earth, is home. Isn’t home the place were we want to be when something hurts, when we feel tired, overwhelmed; the only thing we want is, out of rest is being home. Hasn’t it happened to you?
But there are times, when it isn’t like that but instead, “home” becomes a place where we sadly want to run away from. The reason is clearly shown in this Psalm. Unless He builds the house, Unless the Lord guards the city. Unless Jehovah. If we don’t acknowledge Him as the Lord of our home this is what happens. But this Psalm is not talking only about the importance to us as human beings of secure our families with God as the absolute one and the one who rules on it. But it as well talks to each one of us, “it doesn’t matter what it is you do, it does not matter how much you try”. It is in vain. We can have the best of intentions, and we can even think for a time that we are getting there and things are doing good, but if we don’t repair those things God wants us to solve at a personal, familiar level, this prosperity will be ephemeral and eventually reality will hit us. And all that effort we did will drain us every single ounce of energy and mood in those who can see when something is going wrong.
And God shows us than His plans have such perfection that when He approaches us and talks to us He surrounds each point till He gets to their members: children. And with it, He tells us children are not only a responsibility only but a gift from God Himself, a blessing, a gift.
And here is where I stopped thinking about something, what it means to us who don’t have kids?. For God, ALL of us are, as children, a gift, a blessing, something of special appreciation and a cause of bliss. And if He says this, why is it so difficult at times to see each other within family in this way? As a gift. Well, the answer dwells on the first verses and as the main theme of the psalm, cause we haven’t put Him as the center of our life, cause if we actually did that, He would make us see our loved ones in the same way He sees you, me, them. And He would lead us trough a path of healing and restoration of ours lives as a family.
Because family, in my eyes, should be a place where we can lay down and be ourselves, without further complications. The place where love can and should be reflected through kisses and warm hugs, of words of comfort and encouragement. Of touching acts towards each other and laughter, of endless conversations through meals and coffees.
But the enemy has within the last times declared and operate a frontal and intense war against the structure and definition of family. Cause he knows that if we do God’s will, if we listen closely to His words and we establish Him as the backbone of our families, we are to become a powerful force to the Plan of God, and this displeases the enemy.
So, what to do with this psalm? First of all, acknowledge that without God, without His presence in our lives, everything won’t last long when we can reach for the eternal. Then submit our actions, plans and ideas to God’s will. And then, ask Him to make us seeing each member of our family through His eyes, through the eyes of this Father that watches His children. With love, mercy and full of grace and care. After all, if we are actually
made in His image and based on what we just read, can we think this psalm talks to us not only as parents and their children, but, as in my case, talks us about how important it is to God each one of our lives, our parents as children of God, our brothers and sisters, as children of God. And for us to be able to see them in that way is a daily determination and work that involves a lot of forgiveness. The same God gives us every day.
My blessings to you all.


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