The poetries says it all. The suppressed voice, the never ending battle in this patriarchal society and a voice that could never cross the threshold of a house.

“JUSTIFICATION”, “JUSTIFICATION” and “JUSTIFICATION”. This is all what a girl does since the day she is born. Inside a womb when she doesn’t even have an idea about the world her very existence is questioned for belonging from a particular sex.

Prenatal sex discrimination is a heinous crime and is now even legally punishable offense but “Are you sure about law being obeyed”? Most of the laws being just made but its execution and implementation in society is still on process and in all this how can we expect our society to head towards development, when the life giver women aren’t safe.

The day a girl is born she has to prove every single second that she deserves to breathe. She owns this small place in this world. WHY? WHY? WHY?

Have you ever thought about this, How will you feel when you, being born as a girl is just as a liability! Horrible right. Just think that poor little soul has to prove herself every second.

There are people who say women has just one thing to do nowadays: “PLAY A VICTIM CARD”. So, my dear Patriarchal society read this carefully. The day a girl is born she is forced to stand up to the mark of all the expectations of the society. From beauty to brain she has to be perfect in all the parameters of your so called chauvinistic world. Yes, we are victims. I accept this but not the victims of our own inability but the victims of your expectations, judgements, parameters and yes, of course! your thoughts.

Women today is no less than a man. They are fighting every battle and walking shoulder to shoulder with men. They are doing well everywhere but this ever judgmental society will never leave a single chance to pull her down.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” —James N. Watkins

The judgements if she dresses up she is a slut, if she studies she is a chasmish. when will you grow society let her fly, let her decide which clothes she wants to wear, how she wants to sit or how she walks. let her give her freedom to at least breathe.

Why do we need to question her identity? Why is she conditioned? like if she doesn’t study well this year she will have to get married. Who are you to decide anything for her. Isn’t she is a living being?

Her life is published in a newspaper and you enjoy it with a cup of coffee and just turn the pages. Your part is over but her struggle isn’t. They are so petrified that even stating her views becomes so difficult. Don’t judge them society let them say their part of the story.

To all the women who are so powerful, I would only say speak up, stand up for your rights. You were never meant to be the prey for these society, you are serving this society and mankind is your grandeur but don’t let this society think that you are just made to serve them. You are not born to be their servant.

To all the empowered women speak up for those ladies also who can’t stand up for themselves. Do the noble. Let’s all grow together, hold each others hand and stand up for ourselves.


This is me,
With bindi on and kurta off,
With hairs wide open and nose pin off,
With tattoo on my body and mehandi off,
With 6 inches crop top on and all shame off,
With bangles on and dupatta off,
Hanging out with guys to a loner walk,
Beauty on my face to a degree on my hand,
My life if your problem,
Deal with it not my problem,
I'm me who the hell are you?
My choice on and your choice off
,Let's switch on me and switch off you,
Keep your opinions away from me,
Me mode on and your mode off,
This is me.
This is me

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