It’s meal time again.

Dad you have just made that up. I’m not having your favourite desert as a kid was called a Knickerbocker Glory”

It was. It was the ultimate childhood treat. I sometimes feel as old as Captain America – in a time before Windows 1.0, in a time before Rubiks really annoying Cube, probably even before VHS Recorders. The Knickerbocker became a bit of favourite for me. It’s was layered ice cream and fruit sundae heaven. And where did they get those tall conical glasses from. Yes a favourite but certainly not part of our weekly routine.

One of the things you get accustomed to as a Aspergers Parent is routine. Routine after routine. Plans have to be made. Schedules adhered to. Day after day, week after week. Anxiety inducing change avoided. This applies to all facets of life – meals included. We have a set meal programme. It never varies. Occasionally it does, life happens and it really can freak him out. Some people just don’t understand it. I remember one conversation with a mum in the playground.

Say that again, he has the same meal programme every week. Well you should put your foot down and just give him something different. It’s so easy to spoil a kid.”

And I remember another mum who then chipped in with

I agree he will get over it in a few days.”

Luckily not all the parents are like that. But it is worrying that this level of ignorance about autism still exists today. For the record this is the meal routine.


Monday (School Lunch) – Flapjacks

Monday (Non School Lunch) – Salad

Monday (Evening) – Skinless Sausages and Beans

Tuesday (School Lunch) – as Monday

Tuesday (Non School Lunch) – as Monday

Tuesday (Evening) – Mince and Rice

Wednesday (School Lunch) – as Monday

Wednesday (Non School Lunch) – as Monday

Wednesday (Evening) – Spaghetti

Thursday (School Lunch) – as Monday

Thursday (Non School Lunch) – as Monday

Thursday (Evening)- Sausages and Chips

Friday (School Lunch) – as Monday

Friday (Non School Lunch) – as Monday

Friday (Evening) – Pizza

Saturday (Lunch) – Beef Burger and Jacket Potatoes

Saturday (Tea) – Chicken Korma and Rice

Sunday (Lunch) – Strangely Yorkshire Sunday Lunch

Sunday (Evening) – Salad

Repeated every week


I won’t discount the need for some change. If it’s carefully controlled. It helps prepare him better for the unexpected stuff. But only when it’s managed in such a way as to limit the anxiety attack. In terms of the food regime every so often I will intentionally change a meal, but hopefully in a good way. Trying to make the point that change can be a good thing. So last week Spaghetti became cottage pie. Actually it was changed to cottage pie, bottle of Fanta followed by arctic roll. See change can be good.

The food regime does sometimes change unexpectedly……

Dad that smells like burning food. If you have burnt the mince then I think you should take us out for a Taco Bell. Maybe we should try that one day.”

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