Tú taco, mi taco, los tacos.

Okay, let’s get something straight, I love tacos BUT not just any tacos.

Growing up I have been a hard critic on taco spots here in DFW and wherever else I’ve sat down and decided to take a shot by ordering tacos. Sometimes it’s been disastrous, sometimes it’s been a 5/10, lucky if we hit a 7/10.

I believe I judge tacos so toughly because I know what the real deal tastes like. What an authentic, Mexican taco stand tastes like in Mexico. How juicy the meat is, soaking up the corn tortilla. How the salsa is picante but manageable. How the Gringas (a quesadilla with queso Oaxaca and your choice of meat garnished in cilantro, cebolla and let’s not forget, la salsa) make my mouth water by just smelling it. These tacos take me to my knees by just thinking about the next time I’ll be able to enjoy them.

So I’m excited to share these delicious tacos I devoured with you from, Veracruz All Natural, food truck in Austin, Texas. Me and my friends decided to take a quick and spontaneous trip into the state capital to get some yummy food. Not saying Dallas doesn’t have any, but we also wanted to kayak and a change of scenery. Back to the tacos now, we all ordered something different. I ordered a fajita taco on a homemade tortilla and a breakfast taco on a flour tortilla provided by a local Austin tortillería.

Now, I know breakfast tacos are not an authentic Mexican taco, but give me a break, I’m also from Texas and Austin is known to be breakfast taco capital city.

Guys, solid 9/10.

Now, I’m no food critic but shoot I do pride myself with knowing what a good Mexican taco tastes like and these were really yummy. The tortilla was definitely a game changer. I’m a baby for homemade tortillas. My friends ordered fajita, migas and al pastor tacos. They gave it a HUGE thumbs up as well.

So, I encourage you to take a quick trip down to the state capital and try out this delicious taco food truck, Veracruz All Natural Food truck.

4208 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78704

I promise you won’t regret it.

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