Travelling in cars with Pets

For people like my wife and I who choose furbabies instead of having real kids, or for pet-parents and pet lovers in general, travelling with your pets is a normal part of life.

Hitting the road with your furbabies in cars can be a bit challenging especially if you have a small car like

ours where you cannot fit a varikennel or a crate. Also, having 2 labrador retrievers and a very hyper pug, can be a bit too handful, but we found ways to tackle these little obstacles thru experience, and I want to share with you how we do it.

Prepping your Furbabies

  • Bathe them – of course you love your car, too, so bathing your pets before travel is essential.
  • Anti Tick and Lice – when travelling to other places, please protect your babies from parasites.
  • Health Cards and Permits – keep their vaccines updated and secure necessary permits especially when travelling inter-island.
  • Visit your Vet – make sure they are fit to travel, and ask the doctor what to give them if they have nausea or dizziness. Luckily our babies don’t have motion sickness.
  • Feed them – lightly. Maybe half their usual meal for that time of the day before travel. You don’t want them full, they might throw up or go potty due to excitement – it is not their usual routine.

Prepping your Car

Fur!!! Well, that’s just a reality you must face especially when your pets emit their magic fibers of love.

  • Seat Protection – if your car seats aren’t upholstered with synthetic leather, this can be a bit challenging. Make sure to have lots of linens or bed sheets to atleast lessen the fur attaching on your seat covers. You may also want to get your car a car seat pet hammock or cover (available online via shopee or lazada).

Here’s our set up:

  • Extra sheets and disposable plastic bags – there will be accidents believe me. You furbabies might throw up, cannot hold their bladder and might drip a bit, etc. It is essential to have extra towels, linens, and waste plastic bags, for clean up. Oh, and a bottle sprayer filled with diluted fabcon and an alcohol in a sprayer are very important, too.

During the Travel

  • Keep them Hydrated – always bring water. Bring a bowl, or in our case we were able to get online a portable water container that also serves as a bowl at shopee. Fill it with cold water or a sports drink to keep them hydrated and cool.

  • Cool airconditioning in your car – you don’t want them panting and over heating during travel. Also, having extra little bodies whose energy can be quite high might make your normal car aircon temperature a bit warmer… so lower the A/C temp to acceptable coolness.
  • Easy on the turns and speed – Drive safely. Also tight turns might make your pets dizzy or fall off the seat. If you can buckle their collars to the seatbelt slots or your back seat the better.
  • Expect Rowdiness – in our case, the first few minutes (before, it took an hour or two before they get acclimated). Be firm, be calm, instill discipline, and be patient.
  • Treats – on long travel (we just had a 10hour travel from Cebu to Bacolod the other month), your pets might get hungry. Bring their favorite treats.

After the travel

  • Clean your Car – have a professional do it. In our case, I clean my car interior myself. I haven’t found a carwash here in Cebu that’s patient and professional enough to deal with furs (they give the face or rudely comment everytime I take our car to them after a travel with our furbabies).
  • Cleaning is easy – when you have covered your auto floor carpets and seats with sheets and car pet hammock, cleaning can be easy. 1.) Remove the sheets, have them laundered professionaly. 2.) Spray your carseats with the diluted fabcon, have it set for a minute. 3.) Vacuum 4.) Use duct tape as a lint roller as regular lint roller for clothes won’t do the job. 5.) Wipe the interior leathers and plastics of your car with your favorite interior cleaning formula. You’re all done!

Oh, the most important part of travelling with your furbabies is to enjoy the time with them. Take photos and videos for memories. Have fun with them. Make them enjoy the journey.

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