New Moon Update No. 3

Rereading one of my most despised series


Hey all it’s been a while since we’ve been here so to remind you what this project is all about click here for a refresher.

I tell you this series is just one of the most awful things.  And I’m trying to keep my mind open but now moving onto the second book I don’t have high hopes.  I’m trying to get back into my teen mind wondering where it was and what had drawn me and millions of other readers into this book.  I don’t think I was a fan of this one as much as Twilight but I still remember enjoying it all the same.

A general overview of this book… *spoilers ahead I guess…*Bella has a birthday. Jasper attempts to attack Bella because of a paper cut which then escalates to her being pushed into a bunch of glass and she bleeds more.  Edward thinks it’s better if he leaves Bella and they all go away.  Bella gets waaaaayyy too depressed and then connects with Jacob whom she uses to hallucinate Edward’s voice. Jacob becomes a werewolf.  Alice comes back due to a vision and that vision sends Edward on a suicide mission and Bella drops everything to save him.  The Cullens vote to have Bella turned into a vamp and Edward proposes.

All of that in 500+ pages if you can believe it.  Cause I still can’t.


My notes:

  • This is such a weird opening with the whole grandma thing.
  • I mean I know what happens at the end but at this point, yeah Bella this is a dream.  Eddie wouldn’t walk in sunlight just to meet your grandma.
  • Invisible vampire! There’s actually some research behind why vampires couldn’t see themselves in mirrors.  It has something to do with the metals used in mirrors at one point.  Was he always invisible?  Was that explained in the first book?  (I have been skimming at certain points in both books and I may have missed this)
  • OMG Bella is old.  Do dreams like this or is it just me not ever having a dream where the meaning is super clear and full of your daily fears?  My dreams are never something I can mistake for happening in real life even during traumatic parts of my life.
  • Now you’re older than Eddie, but technically you’re not.
  • Here’s all the (superficial) reasons why Bella is so “in love” with Eddie.  (Again, I remember being completely over the moon about a boyfriend or a crush and being so dramatic about it but it wasn’t like this.)
  • Okay, you cannot say that being with him is good fortune.  Look at all he’s done to you and brought on you.  He really only saved your life once from the car accident but after that everything else was because he brought on stuff to you and put you in danger.  That’s not good fortune.  That’s the opposite of good fortune.
  • You know being older than the male in your relationship isn’t an awful thing.
  • What is this book teaching our youth!!?!?!?
  • You shouldn’t feel guilty for not liking a boy back.  Mike needs to get over himself.
  • Wanting to be a vampire tally (whole book) 6 times
  • I do get the not wanting to be lavished with expensive gifts when you can’t give that same back.  I wouldn’t want to be in that situation either, but that’s not what we need to focus on in regards to having a “balanced” relationship.  Bella, you have other concerns.
  • Edward probably likes your bad temper because you don’t show other signs of a personality.
  • Seriously?  “What’s wrong with Romeo?”  I like Romeo and Juliet and it’s a classic love and tragedy but he’s a 14 year old boy who kills himself over a girl he barely knows and causes multiple other deaths.
  • Just casually talking about suicide isn’t healthy.  And then to put it on Bella, that’s wrong.
  • “That’s not fair” because he wants you to keep living.  Not fair at all.  Your life is so hard, Bella.  I thought you were supposed to be mature for your age.
  • I don’t remember Jasper being this distant in the first book.  Wasn’t he fine that whole weird trip to AZ?
  • I don’t think they’re all ravenous after her paper cut.  Maybe a little thirsty and Jasper obviously is the one having the most difficult time out of them all but for all of them…come on even Carlisle wouldn’t be bothered.
  • They’re all kicking Eddie out to fix her up! Ha!
  • Carlisle is a good guy.  The “dads” in this series are pretty good.  They’re well-developed and complex to the sort.  They have a story and reading about Charlie or Carlisle may be more interesting than this.
  • It’s interesting that spirituality and religion are mentioned now because there are a few mentions of it in vampire lore (crucifix anyone?).  That may have been a more interesting plot point to explore.  (Lost souls, killing the undead [also are vampires a type of zombie or vice versa?], afterlife for creatures of the night!)
  • This conversation with Carlisle is actually good.  It reflects on how selfish Bella is being asking to be turned.
  • Umm, this story line….Eddie was 17 and then he and his family got sick from the Spanish flu.  And Carlisle just said his mom was alert and tried to nurse Eddie…ummmm what definition of “nurse” do you mean because if she’s alert but bedridden I don’t see her trying to make him soup and take his medicine.
  • Seriously, this anger and frustration could have been avoided in the first book.  If you think you’re so unsafe then staaahhp being around teen girls.  “Mike Newton would be healthier”, but he’s also a creep so…
  • “I’d rather die than be with anyone but you.” Calm down.  This isn’t right and I will say that over and over again because it’s so disturbing.
  • I forgot about the lullaby.  (which is weird in itself because lullabies are for children.) Was that in the first book?  Did I miss that?
  • As someone who witnessed a suicide of a loved one I understand this feeling of dread that Bella is experiencing right before Edward leaves.  When the sense of “leaving” and something being off comes creeping up that fear is real.  It’s a form of anxiety and I feel it when I’m worried about my mom, husband, other loved ones and I can anticipate scenes in movies, tv shows, and books that I don’t want to experience.  This dread is real and understandable.
  • …So the vampires are not invisible
  • I don’t know how someone would feel “tolerant amusement” it seems a bit contradictory I guess.
  • I really don’t like all this constant comparison of looks and appearances between each other.  Bella has severe self-esteem issues and I want to know where that stems from.
  • This breakup should have been it.  Good for Edward being the bigger person but they both should have moved on.
  • I get the over-reaction.  Pretty sure I was like that for about a month after a heart-wrenching break up.  But all those months and no one is like “unhealthy”.  This isn’t just depression.  And while she is functioning and doing well in school it’s not because she’s okay but because it helps her avoid her pain. It’s a tactic.
  • Charlie: “You never do anything”  she didn’t do much before either.  Send her back to mom!
  • Or you know send  her to therapy?
  • Yes! There we go, Charlie! I knew I liked him.  Bring on the shrink!
  • Bella needs a check to that thought of what therapy is.  Get rid of the stigma.  Clearly, you need some help.
  • This is a hard part to criticize, though.  Depression and mental illness are real but as a social worker who studied this in college it isn’t normal to be feeling like this over a short-lived relationship.  This is deep and while I don’t think we have any reason in Bella’s back story to believe it I think there would have to be some sort of trauma that has made Bella so attached to Edward in this way.  Also her issues with self-esteem feel beyond what a normal teen may feel.  It’s a constant comparison between her and the world and she never comes out on top.  She has a lot of focus on superficial features which is why she’s with Edward in the first place.  Her parents seem like sensible people so why haven’t they talked to her about these extreme feelings or forced her to be hospitalized?  What does this say to our readers? Major depression and hallucinations are normal to feel when you lose a boyfriend of all 3 (?) months.  Having a boyfriend completes you and if he’s gone you lost a part of you?
  • The voice thing is weird and I don’t know if that can truly happen unless you have a mental illness.  Could Bella be schizo?
  • Now she’s taking advantage of Jakey because she wants to put herself in danger.
  • What’s with these kids calling their dads by their first names?
  • Reading the easy friendship with Jacob makes this more frustrating.  She didn’t reach out to him because she wanted to be friends but to use him to build a way for her to connect with Edward again.  That’s not a good foundation for a friendship or a reason to even think she’s his friend.
  • I honestly was Team Edward when I was first reading this.  But as an adult seeing how Jacob’s personality is.  He is the best damn thing for Bella.  He brought her back to life without putting her in danger or expecting anything in return.  His story-line is the most interesting and has so much development behind it.
  • There’s not much going on at this point.  Jakey fixes bikes.  Bella is conversing more.  That’s about it.  I’m bored.
  • Yeah, so this is still not friendship.  Bella is literally thinking that it is.  But then she shifts over and focuses on the motorcycles and nothing else.  Her priority has nothing to do with Jacob.
  • OMG go to the hospital immediately!  You just got a head wound from a motorcycle.  Teens!  Do not delay visiting a doctor for an injury no matter what your adults will think!  Your safety needs to be at the top.
  • These hallucinations are like a drug. Honestly! What is this book?!?
  • Using Jacob again to find the meadow…
  • Mike’s eagerness is annoying now.
  • Slight drama and action with Laurant coming back.  But not enough to draw me in.
  • The constant dependence on boys to make Bella happy isn’t good.  Yes, Jacob was a good friend and I get why someone would be upset once he just stops calling or is willing to hang out.  But she has no other friends and doesn’t seem to have a sense of who she is at all.  Bella has no personality, has no desire to study something or even where she wants to go to college or what she wants to be.  She hasn’t explored any options.  I mean even teens who don’t know what they want to do for college or study at least have hobbies or interests that they can identify themselves with. They have friends.  Charlie was right describing Bella as being “empty” but that happened way before this.
  • I feel bad for Charlie.  He sees all this pain and doesn’t know what to do.
  • Are dreams really this telling?  Like how she discovered Jakey was a werewolf?
  • “Which path will I take” maybe the one where you drop all the dudes and find yourself and live a happy life without needing someone else to fulfill it!
  • “Youre a…wolf. That’s fine.”  She had no trouble saying that she was comfortable with the whole wolf thing.  Cause ya know…vampires, werewolves…not completely insane at all.  Wouldn’t make any normal human go crazy just thinking that we live in a world where monsters are real.  What’s there not to be fine about?
  • I’m bored.  Now Bella knows Jakey is a wolf.  Victoria is just around.  Spring Break…Nothing.  This book is another 500+ pages of nothing.
  • Alice has arrived… cool. Because of her vision and Bella’s all like.. “I was just cliff diving it’s a thing.  It wasn’t suicide..”  Girl, you just accepted death.  It was suicide and everyone’s believing her??
  • Um, this description Charlie is giving Alice about what she was like just makes me like “then whyyyyy weren’t you finding some way to get her to a therapist? Things were really bad!”
  • Then she just drops everything to go save the person who just threw her to the side.
  • Okay, Bella arguing with her dad about him needing to be nice to him or she’ll move out is a total teen thing to do but I wouldn’t let her have so much power as a child.  That’s not right.


My biggest issue with this book is that there is so much glorification on mental illness and not getting treatment for it.  There is clearly major depression and suicidal thoughts throughout this book by Bella with no regard for getting better and healthy.  I don’t think the writing did a bad job at describing mental illness.  I actually think it was done very well.  But there’s just nothing that happens that makes this better.

On a positive note I think if I had to choose I’m for Team Jacob who has shown nothing but friendship and exudes happiness.  He did a lot for bringing Bella back to a place where she could laugh again and then she just throws him away.  She used him throughout this entire book.  Jacob deserves better than Bella.


I’m hoping for some better plot points in Eclipse but we’ll see.  What did hold my attention was Jacob and him just being the bubbling personality he is.  So I’m hoping there’s more of that in Eclipse, but I honestly don’t remember a thing that happens in there.


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