Dragonflies and Catalpas

My shadow was short this morning.

I had hit the trail late and the sun was close to being directly overhead.

I should have started earlier, much earlier, because it was already 90 degrees and with 70 percent + humidity, it’s stifling out here.  The air is heavy, thick, hard to breathe.  Kind of like you’re underwater, but it’s hot water.

More like thick steam.

The summer solstice isn’t until the 21st of the month, but it sure feels as though summer is upon us already.  It’s the time of year when seasons jump back and forth before settling in to a consistent pattern.

The trails seem much narrower now.  Now that the tri-layer canopy of the Midwestern Jungle has filled in.  No longer able to peer through the woods to catch a glimpse of the wildlife making it their home.  The walls of green vegetation creeping closer to the trail’s edges daily.   The spring rains fueling the explosion of growth.

And more thunderheads are on the horizon.

The Catalpa trees are midway through their blooming cycle, and the air is heavily perfumed with their sweet scent.  Similar to the Honeysuckle, but even more powerful.

The pollinators heed the call and swarm the blooms.  You can’t help but be attracted.

Catalpa In Bloom+C1

I’m surrounded by electric green, which reminds me of what I’m hunting.  I had gone out today with a specific target in mind.

Dragonflies.  The Mosquito Hawks.

I was particularly interested in tracking down a metallic-green colored one I had seen at a lake about a month ago.  And today I was bringing what I affectionately call my “big camera” for the shoot.  Meaning the one with the zoom lens.  I wasn’t going to be able to get close to my quarry today.  Certainly not close enough for a cell phone pic.

And alas, as it so happens in life, we often don’t find the things we deliberately seek, but rather, they appear at times when we’re least expecting them.  A time when we’re in that receptive and appreciative state, instead the “I want,” “I gotta have,” state of mind.

There were many dragonflies about, but not the ones I was after.  At least not at first.  I did, ultimately find a couple of those elusive green guys, but I discovered they like to be in constant motion, and I was unable to get a clear shot of one.  In fact, there was so much motion above the waterline today I only captured a few images that I really like.  Here they are:





But I’m not sure any of today’s pics compare to the Dragonfly I snapped in Az last year.

Here it is in all it’s glory.  It’s wings like the stained-glass windows of a church.  It is a holy being after all.  Just like all of life on this precious stone.  All of us composed of cosmic dust spinning through time.

Parker Canyon Lake - 4 - DragonFly +MC + C2

Maybe I can slow the green guys down next time I’m out . . .

In Metta


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