28 mth old

You have become such a mummy’s gal. You only want mummy to put you to sleep. You will automatically come to mummy’s room when you wake up in the middle of the night even when daddy is just beside you. There are nights when you and char take turns to wake up and I feel like I didn’t sleep the whole night. I really wish you can sleep through the night soon so that your daddy and I don’t have to be travelling between the rooms and have a good night rest.

You are so scared of being left at popo’s house. You always say you want to be at mummy’s house. And every time when we are going home, you will say ‘mummy go home, daddy go home, kaelyn go home, mei mei go home.’ You will always want mei mei come home with us as well. Whenever ah gong or po po threaten to keep mei mei with them, you will whine and insist that she comes home with us. I’m relieved that you see mei mei as part of the family and belongs with us.

You have become more receptive of mei mei and interact with her. You will share your toys with her – e.g. placing your rabbit with her to accompany her to sleep.

You even went to take off her clothes when you hear that I’m bathing her. I was so amazed to see how you even manage to remove her sleeve!

You will keep yourself occupied by taking care of your baby when I need to attend to mei mei.

Mealtimes and nap have become very frustrating. You always say you are not hungry at mealtimes and refuse to take the meat or vegetables. And when we force feed you, you will keep spitting the food out.

One Saturday, I told you that I will ignore you if you don’t eat. After wailing and crying for a while and seeing that it had no effect on us, you retreated to your room and stayed there for a long while. Then suddenly I heard you talking, when I went into the room, you were actually reading to yourself. You looked up at me and continued reading. It totally broke my heart because you really left me alone as I’ve told you to.

You don’t know how relieved I am when I saw you tuck into the plain noodles at Habitat. It was one of the best meal cos you were eating without our help or coaxing. You finished almost the entire bowl and we had a peaceful meal for one and half hour.

For naps, you always have to cry before you sleep. You are always very busy when it’s time for you to sleep. You will keep walking in and out of the room or you will test our patience by reading books after books. All these are making weekends very unpleasant. In fact, it makes me very stressed out when those time approaches. I keep having to second guess whether to let you nap or eat first, and either way, I will have a difficult time.

This period has been challenging. And there are times when I feel that you are no longer cute because of how frustrated you make me feel. But this period is also the time when you suddenly become more affectionate. You will suddenly say mummy I love you. And when I cry in frustation, you will ask, ‘what’s wrong baby? Why you cry? Don’t cry k?’ You will also treat your soft toys as baby and sing to them, carry them and feed them gently as how we take care of mei mei. You are also protective of mei mei and scold ?? when he disturbs her. We laughed at how you went, ‘last time ah, don’t touch mei mei’ angrily.

I pray that I will have more patience with you. That I will not overlook the good times, and over emphasize on the bad times. That I have the wisdom to dispense punishment and discipline so that they are effective and at the same time, does not alienate you. I love you little one, although you have been seeing the angry mommy more often than before. I will try to control my temper, but you do your part as well k?

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