F45 6 Week Challenge: Day 12 – 17

I’m breaking the radio silence.

I’m sorry… Again… Didn’t have any time for the blog this weekend whilst on holiday in Sweden. A trip I thought was meant to be for my best friends daughter’s christening, but suddenly developed into something so much more. She got got married! And what really blew me away was that no one knew! Not even the parents! INSANE.

Her husband (OMG!) sang ‘Your Song’ by Elton John to her during the ceremony and I cried like a baby. You know like gasping for air whilst trying to push the emotions away type of crying… And I was filming! When they are watching their wedding video in 10 years or so, all they’ll hear is me crying… So funny. At least I captured the emotions in the room… ??

As it turned out to be a bigger weekend than I had planned for, I decided to skip the diet. I had carbs such as wedding cake, cinnamon buns, potato salad and some rice. Plus some fizzy diet drinks, two scoops of Swedish ice cream on Saturday night and a few pieces of dark chocolate. Sounds a lot now when I’m typing this… but trust me, it wasn’t too bad! Also didn’t have any alcohol.

I’m not feeling too anxious, but I know it’s going to show on the scale. I didn’t go overboard but I think my weight loss might have been at a standstill over the weekend…

Day 12 – 15

Exercise: Went for 2 long walks with Sim which was nice. Got a bit anxious by the fact I couldn’t exercise. Had cravings for it!

Day 16

Today’s class: Tokyo Disco
Feeling: Same as last week. Wasn’t too intense and I probably could have done this class again! I was super tired though as I arrived back home super late the day before, so I’m quite happy it was an ‘easier’ class.

Food: (Didn’t do food prep as I got home super late on Monday evening)
Breakfast: Forest Berry Smoothie
AM Snack: Whole Grenade Bar
Lunch: Seafood Salad (Mixed it up myself from M&S)
PM Snack: Mint Chocolate Protein Shake
Dinner: Caesar Salad (Waitrose)
Extras: Smooth Peanut Butter Toast (2 pieces)

Finally back on the diet!

Day 17 (Today)

Today’s class: Varsity (Resistance cardio session)
Feeling: Pain. My knee hurt so badly I wanted to quit. I pushed it through and altered the exercises to reduce the pain, to what I felt was manageable.

Breakfast: Smooth Peanut Butter Toast (2 pieces) and 1/3 banana
AM Snack: Half of a grenade bar
Lunch: Tasty Chicken & Pomegranate Delight
PM Snack: Mint Chocolate Protein Shake
Dinner: Pork Tenderloins with Greens

Fingers crossed I’m going to have a few kg’s burned off by the time of my 3 week check-in on Tuesday next week.


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Some breakfast from Pret on the plane

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Lunch at Mia´s Sjöbod in Hälleviksstrand on Saturday

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The beautiful bride ?

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