From Florida to Ohio to the South to the West… Part 2


Before leaving Florida, I was involved in an accident a fender Bender, no biggie, wrong!!! I gave my particulars, said I’m sorry my bad, that wasn’t good enough for him. He said I need to call the cops, WHAT!!! DUDE I barely hit you, I don’t see any damage. Man, what do you want? I got pissed and said you got my info. He replied in the affirmative, and I said great. Then said, I’m out of here, MISTAKE AS IN BBIIGG!

Next thing I know the cops are at my families door as I show up, 500 dollars in fines and a court date for leaving the scene.

I pay the fines, but who’s got time for court, at home I’d tell Paulie and he’d make a call and everything would be taken care of. Maybe in Brooklyn but that’s not how it works in the rest of the country. But I left anyway, screw the court date!!

I was staying in a hotel in Ohio and invited a young kid who had a room next to mine over to watch the game next thing I know someone knocks on the door. It’s another youngster, apparently, he knew the kid I invited to watch the game. So I said what the heck you want to watch the game with us. Next thing I know the two kids get into a shouting match, the manager, comes to my room to find out the noise is about. What am I doing? Get rid of these kids.

I tell her, I’ll shut them up and she leaves. I tell them to leave, I don’t need this. They promise to quiet down, but they don’t and next thing I know the cops are at my door.

Apparently the kid I invited hAD stole his buddy, boom box. I knew nothing of this. As the cops try to resolve the dispute between the two kids, I ask to leave the room, as I am not involved and don’t want any trouble. What a mess.

I tell the youngster to give the kid his boom box back, and this we be over, but he doesn’t. So it escalates and the cops ask for everyone identification, including mine.

Next thing I know I’m under arrest, the misdemeanor from leaving the scene shows up as a failure to appear and a warrant had been issued. To jail, I go. I hire a lawyer and he gets the warrant recalled, and after a 4 day stay in the pokie, I’m released. What a nightmare!!!!

I take a cab back to the hotel, they had packed up my stuff and wanted me to leave. I had nowhere to go. I call a woman I met on a dating site who lives nearby, she comes and picks me up and takes me back to her house.

We talk, we get along well, she likes me and the next thing I know I’m moving into her house. The nightmare now turns into a dream. I thought

The lawyer resolves my case, and says just complete a driving course and the charges I’ll get them dismissed. So that’s what I do, and the charge is gone. Meanwhile back on the ranch, the relationship heats up and I’m in my new home, her home

Things heat up but I am not sure if I want a relationship. A few days go by and I decide to bounce.Big Mistake!

I leave and head south, and that’s when the real fun begins..

To be continued in Part 3

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