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Legends pass on through the generations, but their stories never stop influencing cultures. We live in a time where logic and facts have explained many questions about our past, but we still love mythology. We are blessed with priceless stories that have been told a thousand times over through literature, art, and film. Now it’s time for something original. This novel is based off the mythology of Cupid or Eros in Greek mythology. In this novel, the search for love will take many forms and more will be on the line than just a case of heartache.

The old gods have abandoned Earth to search for new planets to worship them, but Cupid decides to stay behind and watch over humanity. Cupid is abandoned on Earth with an entity that has a mysterious past which binds him to Cupid for its entire existence. The only purpose of this entity is to fuel humanity with envy, rage and jealousy through influence but never through will. It becomes an unstable relationship that pushes Cupid over the edge after several centuries of his foe undoing his labors and being a burden among the people Cupid loves. Cupid decides to play a game where the winner could potentially harm the very people Cupid cares for, but also give Cupid the peace he has long desired.

Cupid gives his foe a series of chances to find love with someone and win something the entity values more than a relationship or power, but not without stipulations. What starts out as a simple bet turns into chaos when the gods of old hear of Cupid’s gamble and urge him to call it off. The past becomes clear with every life that takes place and the present becomes more dangerous as the bet comes to a close. Cupid will eventually have to decide what’s more important after being warned of a dark fate that will occur if he doesn’t end the gamble. Are the people of Earth worth more than a simple gamble between one’s own pride and another’s identity? Enjoy and until the next is written.


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