Footprint in New Orleans – Day 5

Much like the day before I had no tours planned for my final day in New Orleans, however someone in my hostel had strongly recommended visiting the National WWII Museum.

As the creature of habit that I am I went to get brunch for the second day in a row at Café Beignet. Today I ordered a crawfish omelette, yet another of the countless local dishes. The omelette was loaded with crawfish, cheese, green peppers and tomato served with bread and fried potatoes. Even if New Orleans doesn’t appeal to you for its cultural nuisances the food should be reason enough to put New Orleans on your bucket list.

Crawfish Omelette – Café Beignet

After brunch I headed to the museum, around a twenty minute walk from the French Quarter. Having been to many of the big museums in London I was expecting a similar set up, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This museum spanned four separate buildings with multiple floors on each, one being solely dedicated to aviation showing full size aeroplane models. Rooms in each building were themed depending on the area of the war that was being discussed, e.g. ‘The Road to Berlin’ exhibition depicted scenes of fallen down buildings and the walkways were surrounded by rubble.

Aeroplane from viewing deck – Aviation Building

Scenery in ‘Road to Berlin’ exhibit

I found the museum particularly interesting as I learnt about the war from the perspective of an American. The major role of Britain in the war appeared to be minimised and America viewed themselves as the liberators of Europe despite their late entry into the war and the extensive roles of the other allied forces. The museum had a dominant tone of American nationalism throughout and I found it compelling to understand the war in a different way to how it is taught in Britain.

As my first solo trip to a different continent, New Orleans was a great place to start. The culture is hugely different to anywhere else that I have visited, yet there is still the comfort of being able to communicate without language difficulties making the city a great place to travel as a young person on your own.

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