Mid-Week Tangent: my new quest (for the gummy cola bottles of my childhood)

Some of you may recall my dedication to finding my ultimate version of various desserts and confections. It started with my quest for the perfect chocolate cake which, while it included several tasty cakes, also included more than my fair share of really bad chocolate cake (yes, it exists). Then I dabbled in the quest for perfect gelato which, perhaps unsurprisingly, also included a lot of bad gelato.  And yet I am nothing if not committed to finding the perfect sweets, and so I continue resolute in my search for the best of the best.

Lately, I became suddenly and completed infatuated with the idea of perfect gummy cola bottles, harkening back to the days when I would visit 7-11 after school to load up on 5 cent candies. To me, those were the perfect cola bottles, although I suspect that in actuality their wondrousness was more a reflection of my 11-13 year old palate. Regardless, I have been scouring the store shelves in our little town, sampling as many brands as possible searching for the perfect cola bottle and I am coming up short.

I tried Haribo brand Happy Cola bottles. Flavour-wise, these were pretty good but they were far, far too chewy for my liking. No one wants to feel like their jaw is going to fall off from chewing candy. I tried Carnaby brand cola bottles.  They were my least favourite, oddly waxy and way too soft. Is there no in-between too chewy and too soft in the cola bottle world? I tried Waterbridge sour fun mix because it contained sour cola bottles, which I might love even more than standard cola bottles. They were actually quite good, though not perfect and I had to wade through a lot of other candies in a mixed bag to get to the cola bottles. We also tried a local candy shop’s artisan gummy cola bottles, which were the most amazingly cola flavoured and soft (in a  good way) cola candy I’ve ever had, but they were $9/bag (and a small bag at that). That, my friends, is just not a sustainable habit.

And so, my quest continues, and I welcome any suggestions for cola bottle brands that strike a perfect balance between soft and chewy, that pack a legitimate cola flavour, and that don’t break the bank. Challenge extended.

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