What to Expect on the London Brunch Fest 2019

What to Expect on the London Brunch Fest 2019.png

Londoners love brunch. It’s evident in the creation of the London Brunch Fest. Now on its second year, the festival aims to offer a more diverse selection of meals, drinks, and activities, which you can enjoy during your stay at serviced apartments in Marylebone.

Basic Info about the London Brunch Fest 2019

This year’s festivities will take place on August 31 and September 1. The activities for each day will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning sessions will begin at 10:00 AM and will last until 1:30 PM. As for the afternoon session for the first day, it will be from 2:00 to 6:30 PM. For the second day, the afternoon session will also start at 2:00, but it will end an hour earlier.

How to Join the Event

Except for kids younger than six years old, everyone who wants to enjoy the festival should get a ticket. There are two tickets to choose from: the standard and the VIB, which stand for very important bruncher. The price of the standard ticket is £12.50 while the VIB one costs £35. There’s also a booking fee for certain activities on the event.

For attendees who are five years old and younger, they don’t need a ticket but they must have a guardian with them. The Guardian has to pay his or her ticket. Minors who are beyond five but younger than 16 should be accompanied by a guardian as well. The guardian should be at least 21 years old. To help ensure entry, every attendee must bring and present an ID.

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The Standard Ticket Inclusions

With a standard ticket, you can attend a single session of the festival. In your chosen session, you can participate in the discussions or talks. If you like to join a workshop, you have to pay an additional £5. The ticket also covers a meal that the organizers will give to Magic Breakfast.

The Very Important Bruncher Ticket Inclusions

The VIB ticket includes a donated meal and a workshop that you can book for £5. Aside from these, the ticket gives you full access to all the four sessions of the festival.

Upon your arrival, a glass of bubbles will also be presented to you. You can enjoy a free dish that can cost up to £7. After the event, you can bring home a custom-made bag containing over £30 worth of goodies.

Festival Highlights

The festival won’t be called as such without premier brunch meals and drinks. Get to know and sample various selections from top London shops in the event. You can groove your way to the stalls, thanks to the bops that the festival DJs will play.

London Brunch Festival 2019 is only a few months away. Reserve your tickets early and book your stay at any self catering apartments in London so you only need to worry about which brunch to try.

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