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Hello everyone!

It may be a day late but better late than never right? Right?!

In what was an unexpected turn of events I managed to strain one of my rib muscles. That doesn’t sound too bad but I can tell you now… OUCH x1000.

Turns out ribs are important and do a lot of stuff and so if you strain one it can be extremely painful. I struggled with movement, sleeping and even breathing. Laughing and coughing? Avoided it like the plague. Yawning? Refused to let that happen.

I lived in fear of sneezing.

I am now on some glorious tablets which are helping but any movement is still dicey and I’m trying to avoid sitting up for too long (but I can now at least sit up)!

I still live in fear of sneezing.

And that’s why I have a delay on posting this week’s Top 5 where Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm has asked us to choose our Top 5 Debut Novels.

Now I’m not saying that I’m lazy (ok, I am totally lazy and injured) but I did a Book Theme post on Debut Novel’s back in March and I may, just may, have chosen some of the ones that I selected there.

Injured, guys! Guess how I did it? Yoga. Sweet, gentle yoga finally betrayed me like netball did all those years ago.





Is The Hate U Give one of the most hyped up debut novels of the past couple of years? Yes. Is it going to be on a lot of people’s Top 5 Debut Novel’s lists? Probably yes. Does it utterly and thoroughly deserve both the hype and the honour of being on people’s blogs? Yes. A thousand times yes.

This book is just awesome. If you haven’t read it by now you really should. If anyone (book snobs) ever tells you that decent books with complicated subject matter don’t get published in the YA category you have my permission to wave this book in front of their face.




Jonathan Strange

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is a magnum opus of a debut novel. Not only does it come in at a whopping 1006 pages but it’s won a Hugo Award and spawned a TV show.

Ignore the bland cover and don’t let the page count put you off –  what rests inside is a gloriously structured plot with incredibly detailed world building and memorable characters. The folklore and fairy lore is also some of the most accurate ever portrayed in a piece of fiction.

Unfortunately I don’t know if the author will be inclined to write another novel which is a great shame.


the night circus

Ah come on. I had to sneak The Night Circus on here. I also think this is going to appear on a lot of people’s lists if I’m honest. However this book is like Thor – worthy.





You know what? Cinder was just adorable. A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining debut and a decent kick off to a fun series. Marissa Meyer also posts really useful writing advice on her website too and I always really appreciate when authors take the time to do that.

Plus Marissa is a fanfiction and NaNoWriMo alumnus so I live in hope.




The Mysterious Affair at Styles

I do enjoy a very British murder and Agatha Christie is about as British as a murder writer can get. The Mysterious Affair at Styles wasn’t just her debut novel but was the debut outing for the most wonderful Detective Hercule Poirot.

This debut kicked off a career that resulted in 66 novels, 14 short story collections, the world’s longest running play and a Damehood. She’s apparently the best selling novelist of all time and her books sales are only behind Shakespeare and the Bible.

Not bad Ms. Christie. Not bad.


What are your top 5 debut books? Any that you read and thought ‘hold on a minute, this cant be their first book? It’s just too good!’

Let me know in the comments below! See you next week for a sneaky cheeky top ten!


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