English Please?

Abdallah swung in the door open, holding his phone on his righthand, the left was buried inside his slashed pocket. He assumed there was nobody in the living room so he said his salam in a low tone.

He was, dead sure, carried away surfing through Yasmi Mogahed’s blog. Jumping from one post to another, when all of a sudden he heard a phone ringing; Muhsin’s.

“Kai!” Exclaimed Abdallah, “wai you’re in here all this while bro?”

“Yup, Look at what’s trending all over the internet”

A boy just took his life. “That’s what got me thinking. What was possibly wrong with this boy’s life that he’ll make this decision?”

“Depression. Suffering. Maybe. I dread those.” Murmured Muhsin. Gosh! A display of waterworks [tears] followed.

By this time Abdallah was getting emotional. He sure knows Muhsin won’t stop his waterworks until he’s invaded by some brainiac maneuvers.

So he began: “My Captain used to say that before his ship faces a storm or any rough sea condition, he makes sure his engine is in good condition and capable of escaping any dreadful situation as swiftly as possible.

“Calculating wind & current direction does little [if any] help when your engine cannot overpower them, tide included.

“When the wind speed is more than the engine speed, it whines the ship around. Engine speed also, must be more than that of current’s, else, the ship will drift away. Or worse.”

“English please?” Muhsin inquired.

“My bad” replied Abdallah, “to decipher this well, consider the following:

“1. Ship=you

2. Wind, tide & current=life’s problems

3. Engine=your faith.”

“Like ships, humans get to face unfriendly [life’s] weather conditions like wind, tides and current. Storm.

“What determine whether you’ll survive these conditions or not is the well being of your engine [faith].

“So, in order to sail through your problems time and again, you need an [efficient] faith. The one that’ll survive all life’s tribulations.”

Muhsin is now calming down and Abdallah couldn’t be any happier.

Abdallah continues, “you see, unlike ships, you’re created by the most Magnificent. Unlike ships, you face storms, high currents and tides [tribulations, trials and all sort of problems] to be tested. But like ships, you can only be tested with that which you can bear.”

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Which translate as:

On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear.

[Surat Al-Baqarah 286]

Muhsin then chuckled and waved his hands in awe, encouraging Abdallah to keep on.

“You see, whenever you feel like you’re carrying the burden of the world alone, report your issues [in entirety] to Allah, He is always near and answers to those who call upon Him.

“When you’re grief-stricken, you may ask for help from others but, Allah the most high is the Best of all helpers so seek His help and you shall never be disappointed.

“Also, don’t deal with your depression alone, talk to someone. If no one is willing to hear, return back to God. Recite as much Qur’an as you can and pray as much Nafilah [voluntarily prayer] as you can. Make a lot of prayer and put your trust in Allah.

“Brother, all you must do is to check and recheck our engine. Once the engine is in good working condition, you’re ready to takeoff.

“You’re in good Hands. Hands that neither lacks nor breaks.”

Astonished Muhsin commented, ” brother, you sure are not a soothsayer but, you say what soothes a burning heart. Jazakallah bi khair for suppressing my worries.

And with that, life returns to it’s normal shape.

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