4 days in Rome


Have you been to Rome yet?

If not, then that should be on top of your list. Here are some things I am listing, which you can do in short visit to Rome.

Rome is huge, HUGE. You can’t expect a one-two day trip and absorb all the rich history of this ancient city. I recommend minimum 4 days. You can also do a month and not get bored, so you get when I say Rome is so rich.

If you are on your own, meaning not with a tour package then this how you can divide your days:


  • Colosseum – Because that’s the most visited, important and ancient site. Its a must. You have to. Spend a little extra and buy – skip the line entry ticket.
  • Roman Forum – I took a combined ticket for Colosseum and forum which gave me a semi guided and free day in both the places. Around €50 skip the line. Pretty good.

These two spots are so rich in history that you will pretty much consume your whole day and energy.

  • Don’t forget to relax, have a nice lunch, enjoy gelato.
  • You can also visit Museo Centrale del Risorgimento (Central Museum) and Arch of Constantine which are all walkable around Colosseum.


Hire a scooter, bike if you can.

  • Start fresh from the fountain of love, our insta favorite spot Trevi Fountain and explore the beautiful streets nearby. You will find it less crowded than evening.
  • Pantheon – A former Roman temple, few minutes away from Trevi.
  • Piazza Del Popolo – A free spot to visit in the afternoon. It’s an old Egyptian obelisk erected in the centre of a large city square next to a famous church Santa Maria del Popolo.


  • There is a lot of walking, cycling you will do in Rome. Your 3rd day can be about food. After all you are in Italy.
  • Try a different flavour of a special neighbourhood beyond the Tiber river – Trastevere (means beyond the Tiber). It’s got most beautiful and delicious restaurants.
  • Explore the markets, try local food, nightlife and walk around Piazza di Santa Maria.


The Vatican

  • I suggest that one day should be kept for The Vatican. If it’s a Sunday then you might want to leave early and get a chance to see the Pope.
  • As you enter you will see St. Peter’s Square, hard to miss.
  • Vatican museum and The Sistine Chapel is a must. For tickets check the link below.

So here it is, your 4 day itinerary for Rome. I am definitely going back again.

I stayed at The Yellow Hostel which was very comfy, clean and a vibrant place. Close to Castro Pretorio metro. Hope you enjoy your stay..

Stay : The Yellow Hostel  |  Tours : Special Quality Rome Tours

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