Gimme all the candy


I love sweets. Not really cake or chocolate, but candy. Especially fruity or sour gummy candy. I could have a chocolate bar sitting in my cabinet for months, but a bag of Sour Patch Kids won’t even last a day. And forget about sharing. Seriously, gimme all the candy.

But, the thing is, that much sugar is not good for anyone. Some studies have even suggested that sugar may be just as or more addictive than cocaine. I’m not going to debate this or get super sciency (on this post), BUT…we all know that once we start a sugar binge, we end up craving more sugar. So, “I’ll only have five gummies” turns into 10, and then before you know it, you’ve demolished the entire freaking bag. It happens. Don’t judge.

What about sugar-free candies?

A certain popular gummy bear producer has made a bag of sugar-free gummies for those watching their sugar intake. In theory, it’s a really great idea – especially if you have a sweet tooth. I mean, in a perfect world everyone sticks to portion sizes and life is good. But, do you know what happens if you eat an ENTIRE bag of sugar-free gummy bears? Candy that’s sweetened with an artificial sugar called aspartame. Well, you could see for yourself OR check out some of these hilarious Amazon reviews (I’d highly recommend the latter or you’re gonna be sitting on your porcelain throne for a good chunk of the day).

Everything in moderation, friends.

Kick Sugar, Keep Candy


Enter Smart Sweets. This company solves the (fake) sugar problem for us. Smart Sweets candy is so good and replicates many long-time favorites with a lot less sugar – and calories. Their motto is Kick Sugar, Keep Candy, and there’s no aspartame in sight. Can I get an amen??

Feel free to indulge in peach rings, fruity gummy bears, sour blast buddies, sour gummy bears, and (my favorite) sweet fish. All candy has only 3g of sugar per bag and 0g added sugar, is free from sugar alcohols and artificial flavors and colors, is gluten-free, non-GMO, and made in the USA. Candies are colored with fruit and vegetable juices and sweetened with stevia leaf extract. Plus, a whole bag is under 100 calories. WHAT?!

But, do they even taste good?

Yes! Believe it or not, all of Smart Sweets candies are super yummy. And no, they don’t have any weird or lingering aftertaste. Promise!

Smart Sweets make the perfect movie night snack – at home, the drive in, or the theater. I like to sprinkle mine over popcorn for that salty/sweet, crunchy/chewy combo!

Order online in bags of 6 or 12, or stop by your local GNC or Whole Foods Market to try a bag of each! You’re sure to go back for more.



*This post was not sponsored by Smart Sweets. Above is my honest opinion about a candy company that has awesome products. All opinions are my own. I also will not earn a commission if you happen to purchase sugar-free gummies via the link above. I would not put you through that, dear readers, I’m not that cruel.

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