Illnesses We All Have

Illnesses we all have make no sense to us as we continue each and every day living the life we chose.  Illnesses keep us from being normal; from getting up to get to jobs or every day activities; from being able to drive, see, think, walk or run, etc.  All these illnesses are just a way to tell you that your body is not in balance.  Not all these illnesses have to kill us!  They really don’t.  The body needs to get back in line like anything else you care about as in animals, vehicles or even your homes.  When they fall apart, we either send them to see someone or bring a contractor over to fix the problems we have.  Why is it that we never use what we learn from our grandparents for eliminating easy coughs & colds?  Your grandparents never had to find someone that brought on miracles to kill a cough or cold.  Why is it that we don’t have time for making sure our bodies are taken care of without the high priced fixes doctors make you think you need?  Let’s say that I am you when you are dealing with cancer.

Cancer of any internal or external part on your body including anything like leukemia or something that has to do with needing bone marrow can all be taken care of by simply using fruits and vegetables with very dark colors.  Getting bone marrow naturally is by taking the bone from a chicken or beef or maybe pork and softening up the bone so much that the bone itself which after softened is like a fabric you can cut from end to the other.  This has to do with athletes, mothers, children, fathers, etc. in which the body I say again is not in balance.  It is missing nutritional items that people can’t duplicate into pill form and expect the pills to fix you or cure you entirely.  Pills you get from a pharmacy & centers for cancer or anything else is not the answer, but the way to get answers.  They have licensed personnel that handle stuff but should teach others about the choices they make if a patient.  This goes for a lot of children or parents of children who have kids as patients.  Choices of how to get back instead of letting them die to bring hope to parents who are crushed after their kids die.  There is only 1 cure for everything in this world which will bring us all what we want and that is balance in all systems in your body.

Athletes in sports including families like a mother or wife of a football star, maybe those who fight around the world for our country in the military, or a wrestler who takes on an extreme pain threshold including injuries to the head and neck really need to get a lot of nutrition during their prime.  These are the best performers or gladiators fighting & needing lots of ways to be physically taken care of.  The people in the military are the most who get worked & come out tore up in more suffering than they know.  Therapy for all is needed by way of knowing what the body is missing and finding a way to get to the problem any way you can.  It can also go through people that have been in the military a lot.


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