Gunner James: Birth Story Part Two

Gunner’s birth story didn’t just stop at the delivery room.

What we experienced after his birth is something that never even crossed my mind. The second he was handed to me, everything seemed perfect, he was just a little early.

We quickly learned about some of the complications when it comes to having a preemie. Even though we were just a month early, it is enough time to show us that he needed some more time to cook.

It started on our second day in the hospital. One of the many tests hospitals run is checking blood glucose levels. On Monday morning we noticed Gunner’s level were right on the border of being too low. As the day went on it got worse. Our poor little boy would get his foot pricked before every feeding to check and see what his levels were. His numbers were consistently 5-10 points too low. So after every feeding the nurses would give him this sugary goo to elevate his blood glucose level. There was a protocol in the hospital where they needed to give the baby sugary goo 6 times in a 24 hour period before going to the nicu. So from Monday morning into Tuesday morning we chased after a high blood glucose level. Every feeding made my anxiety so heightened as Gunner’s feet were looking more and more mutilated from being poked before and after every feeding. He should have been in the nicu starting Monday afternoon but unfortunately we had to follow protocol. Early Tuesday morning he failed the blood glucose test for the 6th time and we were sent to the nicu.


Pinky up!

We felt completely defeated. Sean had been feeding him through a syringe, working endlessly to keep our baby in our care. But once we got to the nicu we knew it was were he was supposed to be. Dropping him off in their care and walking away is one of the toughest moments. We both cried as Sean held me up to walk back to our postpartum room.

Gunner was put on a feeding tube & his levels were closely monitored.


I hated seeing our baby with all these wires. 

I was discharged from the hospital later that day. Sean and I walked out hand in hand as tears rolled poured down our faces. Leaving the hospital without your baby is something no parent should ever have to do.

The following days felt like a blur as Sean and I drove back and forth to the hospital to see our baby boy. Gunner’s glucose levels quickly changed for the best within 24 hours, & we expected him to get discharged by Thursday at the latest. Wednesday night rolled around & I was looking at Gunner and saying to Sean that he looked a little yellow, even the nurse said something when she came in. Since his bilirubin levels were checked every morning, we had to wait till then.  Sure enough they had risen and were right of the border of being too high. We decided to not treat it, leave him in the nicu, praying he just needed one more night and it would drop. Well it didn’t. His levels continued to creep up, they were never at a dangerous level but we got to our breaking point where we had to do something. So, Friday morning we pulled the plug and put him under the blue lights for 24 hours in hopes that it was just the kick his body needed. And it was. Saturday morning we walked into the nicu to find out that his levels had significantly  dropped and we would be headed home later that day.  I don’t think I could have packed up our room any quicker that day as we basically ran out of the hospital, so excited to be bringing our baby home.


Could we be any happier?!

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