Restoran Apung by Lake Batur

Whenever in Bali I divide my time between Denpasar, Saba and Songan. I was born and raised in Denpasar, the Capital Province of Bali. So, I would spend most of my time in Denpasar revisiting my childhood places and culinary ??

More recently my family and I also regularly visit  Villa Sabasanti in Gianyar. We just love to relax by the pool and also explore neighboring areas such as Sukawati or Ubud.

But most of my time in Bali is now spent in Songan  with my husband’s family. It is a Balinese tradition that when a woman get married then she will joined her husband’s family.

Songan is a very unique place in Bali. Along with Trunyan and Kedisan, Songan is the place where indigineous people of Bali live. The rest of Balinese are said to be descendants of People from the Kingdom of Majapahit in Java.

It was located around lake Batur. The people speak local language, which is a variant of Balinese. Being close to Mount and Lake Batur means that it has cooler temperature compared to other area in Bali. The lake, the mountain and its landscape have been the object of my cameras and blog posts such as this post ??

The people of Songan main activities are farming. We have experienced Shallots harvesting here. Other than that, we also enjoyed the hot springs and fishing.

Last week, we tried to have some culinary experience. Not in Songan, but neighboring areas of Kedisan. I have some colleagues who have visited Restoran Apung (Restoran = Restaurant, Apung = floating) and send me wonderful pictures.

So we came there in the afternoon. The restaurant is part of a bigger complex consisting of a hotel, meeting room and floating dining room.

The floating dining room

They served local food called Nila Nyat Nyat which is basically a fish sauted with local spices. But they also served chinese food such as Egg Fooyong, Cap cay (mixed vegetables). We combined our order, Nila Nyat Nyat with Fish Soup and Egg fooyong with mixed vegetables for the girls.

While waiting we looked around and I got several nice shots of the mountain and lake from a different side.

We then opted to enjoy our food in one of the floating dining room. The food came in no time at all. It was also tasty. 

By the time we finished our food it was almost sunset. The golden sun shines perfectly lit the entire area. It was truly stunning.

Perfect spot to enjoy snack and coffee

The sun is perfectly framed

Sunset over Lake Batur

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