some stuff I’ve been consuming lately:

FINALLY READ “The Kite Runner” very behind in the literary world, I know. but I am haunted by this story. and wish every person was required to read it. I am lucky to live in safety. the accident of birth is all too real.

WATCHED “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” on Netflix and must get my hands on the book asap. Lily James is captivating. I got all the feels- romance, family, world war 2…. the costumes. I was dead, dead I tell you.

LISTENED to the podcast “Reply All” #130 about a Snapchat hacker & now my life is ruined and I am terrified.

LISTENED to another podcast “Every Little Thing” #67 about pants. Amazonian women from Greek myth were based upon Asian warrior women from nomadic tribes. These women were 100% equal to their male counterparts & dressed in trousers. Really freaked Greeks out. tbh a woman in trousers has shook up the world for like, ever. Get over it, boys. We are warrior goddesses and it’s about time you let us be your equals.

READ “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. I was swept away in her prose. There are few books that I want to cut up and paste around my house but I would wallpaper my walls with her paragraphs. Stunning. Interesting story as well, I was gripped.

WATCHED “Always Be My Maybe” on Netflix and was a satisfied customer. They are stepping up their game with all this original content. Also can I just say the person in Hollywood who decided Asians were not hot is stupid? Ali Wong is gorgeous. Her red carpet looks in this movie were killer too. Great cast in this movie. I was laughing way too much. I like watching movies with diversified casts. and I LOVE the actors in this film. it’s awkward and cheesy at times but a perfect rom-com.

CURRENTLY reading a book about how emotions are made and “girl, wash your face.” I’m always taking recommendations on media though! let me know what you’re consuming.

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