Do you know the top choices of food in America??

The 1st choice in America is cheeseburgers and
the 2nd is pizza. Is that what you said? It is ok. Those aren’t my
first choices, but I have been on the healthy kick way before I had a choice
not to be. Pizza is probably my 2nd choice though to be honest. I am
not here to tell you that you cannot have it, or you should feel bad. Pizza is
great, so I get it. I am here to tell you that we just need moderation. Everything in
moderation is key; from the amount of pizza, you eat in one sitting to the number
of vitamins you take. Did you know that even too much vitamin C can cause
kidney stones??

I was a cook for 5 years and my father was a cook for almost
20 years. So, I know food. Growing up I used to have the idea that if it was
good for you it probably didn’t taste good. This is not true, and I wish
someone would have told me about eating and how it could be good and easy to
take care of myself and health at a younger age. When I was a kid I was forced
to be “healthy” because my step mother didn’t want to cook. Eating fruit &
yogurt for dinner was the norm and it made me think, “if this is healthy I
don’t want to do it.” I didn’t understand the importance of food and what it
does for my body other than needing it to survive or starve. I wanted to be an
athlete and I never understood why I didn’t change body composition because of
the food I ate every day. Either it was deep fried, or it wasn’t enough
calories to sustain myself. Not having good nutrition can lead to bad things
for the body as an adult.

I teach a kids kickboxing class and kids fit camp during the
summer and it has fallen to me to help these children learn the importance of
nutrition and healthy living. Not how to count calories or watch their weight
but be aware of what they are putting into their bodies. Childhood obesity
breaks my heart because no child should suffer from diabetes. It starts with YOU.
We are the leaders and their influence. In my class as I watch them
to make sure they are doing things correctly and safe I watch their eyes and
they have them fixed on whatever I am showing them. Doing exactly as I do. Just
as I did when I watched my dad or coach. If they said, “eat this”, then I did.
We must help these kids to be active and healthy; that way they can have long
healthy lives and not suffer from insecurities of weight. That should be the
last thing on their mind. As a “husky” kid I felt that way and I hated myself
and how I looked.

My mission is to help end this cycle of generations of
obesity the best I can, but I need your help too. If you have kids or you have
influence talk to them about nutrition and help them understand there is
nothing wrong with them but there is something wrong with too much fat on the
body. It isn’t about “accepting”, rather it’s about good health.

Another question for you?? Do you know what visceral
is? It is the fat that surrounds your internal organs. Our
organs can not work properly with fat surrounding them. We need to be cautions
of this because this leads to many problems we see today with the fast food
industry rising on every corner.

Another question… What is the leading cause of death in

“Nearly 75% of all deaths in the United States are
attributed to just ten causes, with the top three of these accounting for over
50% of all deaths.”

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Chronic lower respiratory disease

This is only the top 3 and as you can see heart disease is
number one. This is huge because most of the time (not all situations) we can
prevent these things with good nutrition and exercise. I had an uncle pass away
from diabetes. It took his life at the young age of 49 and he had so much unused
potential.  One day his body could no
longer fight, and he fell asleep, never to wake up. This was a big wakeup call
because if only he would have taken care of himself when he was younger. I’m
asking you to help me educate others and kids, so we can prevent this the best
we can.

There is a lot to explain and it can be hard to get it through
to kids but if you know a coach or a local gym that has professionals ask them
how they can help or read my blog and watch my videos on Instagram on kid
seminars for nutrition and exercises.

First things first, you need to know the three macro nutrients.

  1. Protein
  2. Carbs
  3. Fats

I am going to keep this short because later I will be
talking about the breakdown of these macros in another post.

Protein is the building block for muscles, bones,
cartilage, skin and blood. It helps rebuild and repair tissues. This is vital
especially if you are exercising. In the gym we break down muscle tissues and
use protein to repair them and recover and help them grow.  As we all know, you can find protein in meat
products. There are some products that have protein in them as well for
vegetarians or vegans. A few options are eggs, almonds, chicken, cottage
cheese, Greek yogurt, milk, lean beef, tuna, lentils, fish, and even Brussel

Carbohydrates (carbs) are the fuel for the body. There
has always been a weird trend with eating no carbohydrates because they make
you gain weight, but you gain weight if you drink too much water… so should we
cut that out of daily routine as well? I don’t think so. Did you know that your
brain uses glucose to fuel cellular activity? So next time you are thinking of
trying keto think about it and know what you are doing over time to the brain.
The best way I can explain how a carbohydrate works is… You are the protein and
work is the muscle. Fastest and most effective way to get to work is taking the
car. Which in this case is the car is the carbohydrate. Without the car you end
up taking longer to get there. Without the carbohydrate to take the protein to
the muscle fast, it is like running in place.

Fats are used for storing energy like a reserve.
Therefore, when we gain muscle we gain some fat with it. We need it in our
every day diet. Look at it this way… you can clean your car and put gas in it
but if you do not put oil and fluids in it, it will not run smoothly. Fat takes
the vitamins from our food and takes it where it needs to go to be used. This
is very important and necessary of skin, hair, eyes, mood and joints even.
Because there are things in our food that we need to help us with everyday

Knowing how to fuel the body and give it
everything it needs is just like taking care of your car. I heard something a
couple years ago and it has always stuck with me. “If you had a Lamborghini
would you drive with the E break on?” – Mike DeMino
Makes sense,
right? Why would you limit yourself when you can just simply put gas in the
car, keep clean and change its oil. You’ll have it a lot longer and it will run
like champ long into your old age. Thanks for listening and that’s all for now.

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