Impressions from the Goa Bird Festival 2018 – Part 2

We had bird watching walks on Goa’s trails in the morning and evenings to spot birds. They say it’s forest trails and maybe it is because it had quite some stuff like we spotted leopard waste, sloth bear waste. There were tarantula spider webs, giant malabar squirrels, baby scorpions, besides trees around and they(the guides) said most of the trees are beautiful Goa Native trees. Lagoon monkey too made appearance. There were streams in few spots and lots of bird sounds there about.

Birders were all engrossed in checking out birds, they had notebook, pen, binoculous and camera. When they saw a bird and heard a sound of the bird, they recorded the time, place, appearance and I guess picture of the bird too. Listening to bird sounds is required for a birder to do, by this they identify the birds, know the location and where to look for them. We should be silent when on bird trails , however, it’s not possible, we tend to speak to others – “did you see that?”, “it’s a white breasted something something bird” or “green headed something something tailed bird” and there will be discussions on it. However, this was good, to know about birds and share the knowledge and experience.

We learned that we need patience to spot the birds because they are not visible many times. It was said that when sun is out, birds are visible. Our guides were those who do some nice work in the wildlife domain, and have lots of experience exploring wildlife and it was nice listening to them. It was they who told that the poop on ground was of a leopard etc . There was even a owl pellet. These are stuff spit by owls, owls do spit some of what they ate and could not digest , this becomes a pellet, it’s pretty interesting and some owl expert said that when they do this poor things are vulnerable it seems.

Some interesting trees too were there. However, my most enjoyable walk was at the last day evening more on that sometime(that walk resembled a forest and we returned when it was getting dark).

Though many species of lizards, frogs, birds are extinct in the Western Ghats, it’s good that there is still some varietiful stuff in Goa. Could not take bird photos, because I am not a avid bird creature but when I get a good binocular which is a must would be a birder, I can hear loads of bird sounds near my home that has trees still for now, gives me lots of pleasantness. I remember Anil Kumble’s wildlife tip – he said you can take photo of the binoculus view in your phone camera if you don’t have a powerful camera yet but a good binoculous one should atleast have for that. More coming up there is still the sea exploration for sea birds… It’s nice to checkout the Ocean, keeps one grounded, amazed and nice things to check the horizon and stuff. Goodday

PS – This was written in 2018, soon few months later I got a binoculars(: …not using it much, but do to see birds when I go to tour, its been long time since I went on tour, anyway.

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