The Ultimate Dinner Decision

Currently sipping decaf coffee whilst listening to the Off Menu podcast and absolutely loving it. If you’re as obsessed with food as much as I am and James Acaster appears to be this podcast is for you!!

Each week James and Ed Gamble invite a different celeb to their studio and discuss food for approximately an hour. With lots of laughs and drawl worthy food talk each celeb must pick their ultimate starter, main, side, pudding and drink. Some of the choices are rather questionable and some sound so incredibly delicious I feel I haven’t really explored the culinary world enough and, my choices below are probably a prime example of this.

I’ve been debating my ultimate dinner experience for a long time. In fact the subject often comes up in my household and I frequently adapt my menu. It’s been hard to narrow down but, I think I’m finally there after lots of deliberation.

At this point I will say, apparently I love cheese an awful lot more than I’d thought.

Let’s get down to it shall we?


My drink of choice and current favourite is rhubarb and ginger gin with lemonade. I would like a big ass fancy glass and a small glass of water y’know, just in case.

Moving on, I think starters are tricky and, if I’m truly honest I’d always much rather have a main and a pudding than a starter and main. But, nonetheless, I’m so in love with the American / Mexican street food movement and that leads me to the one and only jalapeño popper. I want several. Stuffed to the brim with cream cheese and paired with garlic mayo. Possibly from Domino’s but I’ve recently been trialling my own and it also tastes pretty damn good. I’ve had supermarket jalapeño poppers in the past and they are okay but, I can imagine that nothing compares to the real deal from a cool little street food vendor somewhere in downtown America.

Now, if I thought coming up with a starter was hard, I was certainly wrong wasn’t I?! The star of any dinner is of course the main so it’s got to be bloody good and memorable! My choice is therefore the one and only steak. Not just any steak but a big fat medium rare rump steak please. Paired with the crispiest (possibly triple cooked) fries, yes fries, not chunky chips and totally covered in peppercorn sauce. To make things a little healthy, I’d like some wilted spinach too, with lots of garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Now then, lets not forget the all important side. For me a side doesn’t have to even be something I’d pair with my main meal, just something to munch on in between bites of juicy juicy steak. Therefore my side is cauliflower cheese. Not just an ordinary cauliflower cheese but, baked with several cheeses. Mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan to name a few. Golden and crispy on top with a little Dijon mustard. I want to basically be able to peal the cheese off the top layer in one smooth motion.

Finally for pudding, I would like the richest baked ricotta lemon cheesecake with a ginger biscuit base. I’ve been thinking about this cheesecake for a while. It’s something I’ve only experienced once before in a local cafe which has sadly now closed. This choice was a no-brainer.

There you have it!

My definitive perfect 3 course dinner formally in writing.

I’m now completely starving and tonights dinner just isn’t going to cut it frankly.

In all seriousness though, sitting down and finally thinking about what my choices would be has been super interesting. I’ve debated the cuisines that I adore, the food I want to experience again and the food I definitely dislike. I’ve opened up the conversation on social media too, which has been the most positive part of this entire experience.

I understand that not all of us make the healthiest of meal choices all of the time, I certainly don’t! And, I understand that worrying about our general psychical health, whether that’s being under or overweight is also an issue for the majority of us. But, I think we should all feel open to discussing the food we love without any kind of judgment. Food is what brings people together, sparks joy and makes us who we are. So, to end this I’m sharing the comments I have received through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram below. Please also feel free to leave your ultimate dinner ideas in the comments too.

Various friends and family members said…

“Pear and roqueford salad to start, a nut roast with all the trimmings for main, eton mess for pud with vanilla ice cream and plenty of gin and tonic.”

“For starter I want a good prawn cocktail with nice bread and aioli. Main, I want lobster and fries with loads of butter or Ichiran ramen from Japan. Side order of buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese sauce or, Wahaca’s sweet potato OR, roasted artichokes or, avocado with chili oil and flaked almonds on top of a poached egg. Then desert, peanut butter choc cheesecake with posh vanilla ice cream.”

“Chili squid from Wagamama followed by essentially Christmas dinner with baked vanilla cheesecake to finish.”

“Roasted pepper bruscetta, Beef Wellington with Dauphinoise potatoes and garden peas, vanilla creme brulee.”

“Brussels pate with crackers, udon noodles specifically from the Japanese restaurant Yukisan, chicken nuggets on the side, sticky toffee pudding with custard to end and all paired with a strawberry milkshake.”

“Starter, garlic and red onion flat bread from Prezzo. Main, carbonara from Pizza Express and pudding, Pizza Hut cookie dough with ice cream. Drink, Pornstar martini or an Oreo milkshake.”

“Cheesy garlic mushrooms, steak with peppercorn sauce, warm chocolate fudge cake or a yummy cheesecake.”

Bloggers said…

Sophie said “Starter: home made patê and freshly baked bread (I’m not that into starters) Main: a big fillet steak (medium rare), pot of lobster Mac and cheese, creamy paprika mashed potato, steamed green veg Dessert: some sort of chocolate cheesecake (maybe with Oreo) with Ben and Jerry’s.”

Jenny of Jenny in Neverland said “My perfect starter is actually something I’ve had in the Cote restaurant, which was a gorgeous crab mayonnaise pate, with cucumber and avocado with ciabatta bread.”

Alice Mary of A Spoonful of Alice said “starter: baron bigod agnolotti pasta from chef64degrees main: king prawn tom yum ramen from Nudo Noodle House OR a maldivian garudiya. side: salt and pepper squid, drink: a strawberry caipiroska dessert: either a greek yogurt mousse with honey and chopped nuts i once had at olivegrovemrb or a vanilla custard streuselkuchen (a crumble-topped cake from germany that i tried in luxembourg!).”

Jodie of Jodetopia said “Starter: Nachos (lots of toppings is a must) OR really nice rustic bread board with dipping oils and olives Main: a really nice burger. Like one you pay £20 for that comes in a brioche bun and is all fancy, with thin crispy tasty fries. Dessert: warm chocolate brownie.”

Rachel Downing said “Ok to start Bruscetta, followed by a beef roast with all the trimmings including cheesiest cauliflower & Yorkshires and lashings of gravy. For dessert artic roll with fresh cream.”

Addicted to Travel said “Starter would be either deep fried chilli squid or baked camembert. Main would be fajitas with a side of garlic bread and pudding would be my homemade carrot cake….. That meal is near impossible to eat, it would have to be like a ‘my final meal’.”

Thank you everyone for your contributions. I hope you have just as much fun reading as I have writing. It’s been wonderful learning more about my fellow bloggers foodie experiences alongside my friends and family too. 





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