Football Champ by Tim Green: Book Review

After reading Tim Green’s third book in the Football Genius series, Football Champ, I am glad I stuck with the series. This book once again goes back to Atlanta with Troy, the kid from book one and his friends Tate and Nathan. It actually picks up right where the Football Genius left odd, as if there was not a stand alone book in the middle.

Paperback Football Champ (Football Genius) Book

In Football Champ, Troy is less of an angry kid. He is excited to lead his junior high team to the state championships and is happily working for the Falcons by figuring out what offensive plays the opposing teams are calling. He feels like he is on top of the world, at least until a slimy reporter starts telling lies and brings everything crashing down.

Troy is accused of helping the team cheat by intercepting the calls from the opposing teams’ headsets. His mom’s boyfriend, Seth Halloway, is caught up in the scandal and also accused of taking steroids. Seth could be forced to stop coaching Troy’s team and be kicked off the Falcons if no one can prove his innocence.

With the help of his best friends, Tate and Nathan, Troy works to save his reputation and that of his mom and her boyfriend. He still has to overcome issues he has with authority and wanting to know who his real dad is, but it is better written and more believable than the first 2 books. If you have a kid who likes football and needs to read, hand him this book. He won’t complain.

Favorite Quotes:

Chapter Thirty-Two

“That could win World’s Funniest Pet Videos. The guy’s a mutt.”

It’s nice to read a  book where the kids don’t curse like sailors when insulting someone. I took Toddler Bear the beach the other night, and the teenagers in the lake were cursing like my husband does when he gets together with his military buddies. I was appalled.

Chapter Thirty-Six

“I don’t give a shiitake mushroom about your dirty looks.” 

Tate’s mom cracks me up. I am so much like her. There are ways to get your point across without cursing. And she also reminds me of the little old lady from the Madagascar movies; you know, the one who is always hitting the lion with her handbag.

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Without turning around, Mr. Renfro flipped his middle finger in the air and kept walking. 

I hate coach Renfro. He is a selfish little man, who is raising a child just like himself. He doesn’t think the rules apply to him and has no respect for himself or others. This quote shows that.

Chapter Fifty-Five

Nathan coiled his free leg, and with a wild cry he let fly a kick that would have made Chuck Norris proud. 

I love that Chuck Norris is the retro hero of my children’s generation. This quote makes me smile.

Chapter Fifty-Six

When Gumble’s feet hit the top of the Dumpster, they landed in the pool of Nathan’s barf. 

The visual image of the quote and the events that follow are hilariously disgusting, which is something my kid appreciates.

Chapter Fifty-Seven

“Strategic barfing is another one of my many strengths ,”  Nathan said, beaming. 

This sounds like something my son would say to me. He once told me that he NEEDED root beer and Doritos, because the combination gave him smelly burp powers. Kids crack me up.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series and seeing how things progress for Troy. Let me know how you feel about this book and the series in the comments.

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